Financial moves based on expected election results?

Anyone making any substantial financial moves in anticipation of the election? Talked to a couple of guys who say they are getting ready to go heavy into cash instead of stocks or mutual funds because they think Biden will win. If so, they expect a big drop. They don’t expect a big upside if Trump wins. Any thoughts on the subject?

These accounts are retirement accounts, so no tax issues.

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I am baffled. @jimtoo had an article expecting the market to decline.

Several articles today said it’d go up if Biden own and create more jobs.

Not sure how increasing taxes would create more jobs.

I dunno. Clinton increased taxes, created jobs, and left us with a surplus…all which go against what I have read on message boards. I can 't figure the stock market out. I think it’s overvalued right now, but since it’s the only game in town for retirement funds, and since the fed is being “very political” (our dear leaders very own words) maybe this is the new norm. It’s funny…when the stock market dropped under a Repbulican, conservatives called it a “buying opportunity”. When it drops under a Democrat, it’s considered the end of the country as we know it.

So if it Biden is elected and it does go down, then I’m going to pretend he’s Republican and consider that a buying opportunity. Because the funny thing I’ve noticed about rich people…what they have is never enough and sooner rather than later, they get back in.

If Biden is elected. I’ll probably sell.

Riots aren’t good for the economy. Harris is shoving her hand up his ass and working his mouth like a puppet. Poor joe. His legacy is going to be failure. He will screw up more in 4 years then the last 47 years

Interesting. I was thinking about buying short term. All depends on control of senate. If there is a blue wave, there will be a flood of fed spending which ends up in the market. Once that sugar high wears off and they come out with massive tax increases the market will go down.

Personally I believe with our debt load, we can’t keep spending like crazy. The increase in corporate taxes will cause companies to reduce hiring. The economy will stall out.

YOu might want to tell that to our lab rat in chief. Seems he’s done a 180 on the stimulus bill. I had read that one of the side effects of his experimental drug was that it could cause manic behavior. Maybe he should turn the reins over to Pence for a while…until the potential effects of his drug have cleared his system.

The news media like to hype things up. It’s doubtful he’s showing signs of mania.
He was negotiating. Nothing more.

He wasn’t negotiating…He was only displaying what John Bolton said of him…he makes a decision and then within hours, might reverse it…which he did. Maybe he’s just been manic all along and we just consider it “the art of the deal”.

It’s kind of funny…Republicans used to say that Clinton and Obama were poll driven…they made their decisions based on polls. Trump says he doesn’t need no stinking polls…he makes his decisions based on fake news headlines.

Clinton was pole driver. His pole. Just ask Monica.

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And ask any of the umpteen women that had sex with Trump who were not married to him if he used his pole very well

They got paid. That’s all that counts

Even the ones he grabbed by the pussy?

You sound jealous that women allowed Trump to do that.

Do you find it creepy how so many lefty men are obbsesed with Trump’s sex life?

To be fair, the righties were the same way with Clinton

They’re jealous. They claim grabbing them is sexual assault. They miss the power dynamic. He’s saying women let him because he’s rich and powerful. He’s describing alpha male consensual behavior. None of these women had him arrested or sued him.
Lefties tend to be beta males. They want the love and attention of women but they can’t get it. Straight women don’t want to date another woman, even if it has a penis.
So in their incel rage they lash out and call it sexual assault even though nobody complained they call him a cheater when his wife isn’t complaining

They’re mad because Donald Trump can do things they can’t. It makes them mad because they wish women would allow them to be touched by them by their beta behaviors turns a woman off.

They wish they could sleep in other a porn star or any woman that isn’t made of latex.

Women like real men. Lefties will never be real men and we such a will whine that a chad time their open tuning without realizing it was never their opportunity.

Attempting to bring this back to topic and not some old white mans sex life. I don’t know why so many on the left are interested in Trumps orange balding wrinkly nut sack. Hopefully with that image in your head we can move back to the topic.

We are on a trend of debt that will not be curable without drastic measures. There are not enough rich people to tax to resolve this. The only real solution is massive inflation.

The left seem to think you can tax the billionaires. They don’t get that’s wealth, not income

Exactly. I don’t know the wealth of all the billionaires but a quick google search brought up a VOX article from earlier this year. The 800 billionaires in the US have a combined net wealth of $3.4T. That is not income but wealth. So you can implement a 100% wealth tax for all billionaires and that will not even pay for the stimulus spending earlier this year. So now you got to lower your threshold substantially. I would guess that a 100% wealth tax on every millionaire would not pay off the national debt.