Feel Good Friday

With all the bad news in the world, I thought it would be nice to have a thread about things that make us feel good about our lives.

My 17 y/o son had a personal best in his 200 freestyle swim and was also inducted into the National Honor Society.


My kid’s grades are back up now that he is in the classroom and not Zooming. And, our air quality is all the way back to moderate, plus a tiny bit of rain today.

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Fall has arrived and we spotted the first tarantula of the season yesterday. Good to see them still around. Saw a couple of rabbits this a.m., after thinking that the bobcats and coyotes had taken them all. We both are getting a little excited about the next road trip. Even though it 8-9 months away we’ve begun planning.

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My son saved the student and aircraft they were flying a few days ago. They got caught in a flock of Canadian geese, my son took command of the airplane was literally flying through and around the geese. He said every direction he looked he saw geese, but he didn’t hit one.

That literally sounds scary as hell!!

He said he didn’t even think while it was happening but once on the ground his knees got weak. He bought a video camera to use on every flight just so he can share the crazy shit he sees.

That means he was well trained, react without thinking.
That happened to me a couple times in training while in the Army.

I’d like to say he’s like me, cool under pressure. But I’ve never had a professional situation where my own life was on the line, it’s always been other people’s lives.

People close to me are healthy, me and my wife are the same as when we fell in love almost 30 years ago, I’m financially secure, my kid is doing great at school, I have a great group of friends and family that I enjoy spending time with and it doesn’t matter who’s running the country, I’ll always be happy and love life.

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Good for you man, especially with the wife part. People change so much from their 20s to their 40s and 50s that I’m amazed people are able to hold it together. I do think my divorce is a top-5 best thing to happen to me but I would’ve preferred being in love forever.

Before I met my wife I had a plan, party, save aggressively, keep my expenses low, retire after 30 years at my company and move to Florida to day drink on the beach for the next 30 years. Met my wife and all that changed. We’re kind of opposites but I think that works for us and we have a lot of fun.

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