FB literally can’t have worse factcheckers

A senior at my kids high school just signed a letter of intent to wrestle for a very small school. His dad posted this.

FB “fact checked” it for election results because it had the words “4 more years” in it.
If anybody still believes in “independent fact checkers” I have a bridge to sell you.

You realize that an algorithm did this, not a person?

Yep, so whoever coded that algorithm needs to be fired and publicly shamed in the tech community.

Sometimes, it just seems random. I’ve had posts flagged when they’re completely innocuous, like a link to a very tame book I’m reading with my kid.

Only time I had one blocked is when I said “stupid white people”

Yes, white people are particularly prone to complaining about bias against them on social media.

Also, Facebook has a little blue check mark for public figures to note those who have been verified and are the real celebrity. I know those work because Mark Twain has one.

I choose not to get enraged about this, I find this kind of funny. I assume FB reviewed the post and approved it?

FB is a cesspool at times and they’re finally attempting to fix it. It’s better than ignoring the problem but not everybody is going to be happy with the fix.

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