Fauci is worse than I thought

Fauci knew in February of 2020 that the lab leak theory had significant credibility.
How the fuck does he still have a job??

Read closely. This isn’t a lab leak theory.

This a genetic engineering theory. See how he talks about the sequence not matching.

That’s outside my skill set but I’ve never thought it was engineered.

That would be huge if found true.

But this is almost dismissive of the bat theory.

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Fake news brainwashing. The root cause of just about every current day problem.

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I usually try not to buy into that.
But Fauci fucking knew what was being spewed by the MSM was bull shit and actively encouraged it.

What do you mean by this? You resist the fakenews’ propaganda, or you do not believe the news is fake or that it engages in propaganda?

Separate note, a fantastic PJW (as usual) on the Fauci:

I try not to use the term “fake news”, it sounds too conspiratory.
But it is getting pretty damn hard not to see it as a conspiracy.

News can be fake without being 100% conspiratorial.

Most of these nitwitted excuses for journalists believe their own bullshit, and are actually trapped in a loudly-ringing echo chamber of other hack journalists that pass around the same opinions & believe they are factual.

In this way you have a bizarre blending of hallucination & propaganda. It’s not totally conscious, but also not totally unconscious.

Agreed, most of what passes off as “journalism” these days is bias bullshit.
But for the most part I wouldn’t label it as “fake”.
But the fact that the lab theory was not only buried, but pushed as conspiracy theory, not only by the media, but by Fauci, who knew better, is down right scary.

This is a frequent problem when professionals become celebrities. They become more influenced by what they think their fans want to hear than what is sound reasoning for their profession.

I think it is very difficult to quantify what is legitimate blind bias & what is conscious manipulation.

Russiagate, “fine people,” “mostly peaceful protests,” police targeting black citizens for murder, “Trump’s covid response killed people,” “most secure election in history” – all of this is very difficult to argue as genuine unconscious bias. It was disinformation, heavy context omission/manipulation, and narrative creation. And these were BIG issues, not just drops in the bucket.

Then when you see the CNN guy that was busted by the Veritas narc…

You’re giving them too much credit/defense, almost to the point of naivete.

Admittedly, I do that on purpose to not go too far over the edge.

From everything I observe, these faux journalist assholes are the ones that have already gone over the edge. I have zero problem assuming they are full of shit until proven otherwise in every circumstance.

They’ve already incinerated their credibility, so why would I do otherwise. If they’re lying about those topics, then who knows what the hell else they’re lying about.

Consuming news makes people ignorant, ill informed, & mentally ill.