Fastmail or Protonmail?

I have had my e-mail addresses forever, but a hacker is relentlessly trying to hack my Earthlink address and their customer service has very long hold times. I have spent hours on phone hold over the last 4 days trying to get things straightened out, only to be shut out by more hacking attempts.

One computer guy suggest Protonmail or FastMail as more secure alternatives. I hate to change e-mail addresses after 25 years, but it looks like there is no other option. Both are cheaper than what I currently pay Earthlink.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Can you set up a rule for all of your emails to your old address forward to the new one?

I am looking into that. Trouble is the hacker would be able to get e-mails to me that might attack my system again.

I just set my Bitdefender VPN working again, but as I remember, it made it very hard to do internet business last time I tried it.

try contacting them by live chat or

Hank, I have a Yahoo email address about as long as they have had email. My internet provider is Comcast and I have email through them. I also have a gmail email, but only use it for a couple of specific things. These are all free. I rarely access all of them directly, but use Thunderbird, which is a free email program from Mozilla (same folks who have Firefox).

Try spending hours trying to do that with their call center in India. I have burned up 4 half days already.

Thanks. I am glad it has worked for you. Never had a problem all these years, and now I have mega problems. Think it was part of a data breach. Bad people from California can do a lot of damage in a hurry.

Paypal is the pits. Spent an hour on hold trying to warn them against charges and they finally answered the phone just as a patient was walking in the door.

It is a shame companies don’t even answer the phone promptly when you are trying to alert them about fraud. Penny wise and pound foolish with personnel.

OK Doc let us address this attacking your system. Totally unacceptable you no doubt have various sensitive things like records and billing and such. In my mind, all that should be well protected.

Enter an idea that has been around a while: Do all your banking (in this case email) on a separate system! Let it not connected to your other systems, which should be behind a decent fire wall. The email system would best be done with Linux. “Enough” computer do do it with is dirt cheap, like an entry level computer. If they send in mal ware, the chances of it even being able to run on linux are slim and none. Hope this helps…

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