Family’s $15K Carnival Cruise vacation canceled

Banks and her husband accidentally shared their cruise booking reference number when posting a screenshot of an email with the countdown to their vacation on Facebook a few weeks out, according to the clip.

Hopefully that family has learned from this not to be so careless and flippant on social media.

That said, Carnival stinks for this. A mere booking reference number should not enable a prankster to cancel someone’s trip. That’s a shitty system.

and since Carnival resold the room it should be full refund

This forum is the extent of my social media. If we can call it that.

Yeah this was a dumb move.

The fraudster got what? The room? Or somehow they managed to get the refund? I’d think it would have been refunded to the credit card used to pay.

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There are some cruise websites for people who have booked a cruise to meet others who will be on the same cruise. In theory it is a nice idea but the problem is that some people offer to plan shore excursions and ask those who are interested to message them with confidential Information so they can book shore excursions for them. Unfortunately a lot of people provide that information to them without realizing that this may be a scam. .

That is what I thought. The only thing I can come up with is that they did it to be mean and screw with the family by making the cancelation.

The person’s actual name was no doubt shown on Facebook along with other personal details. I would bet the scammer had plenty of information on a platter.

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I am not giving you fuckers any information on my upcoming trip to Cancun!!

We know your name, that’s all we need.

CR Parrot Head

Presumably. I didn’t see any such details in the article.

It’s possible it was a Heath Ledger Joker style disruption, where it was done just for pure sport. Just to cause trouble for someone else.

But the scenario you outlined is likelier.

Several years ago some guys created a site to bring attention to what you are sharing on social media. Facebook defaults so much to “public” that unless people change their privacy settings, the entire world, including bad guys, can know that you aren’t home. And it’s scary easy to find a person’s address just with their name these days.

Yes Facebook has become a dangerous double edged sword.

I really like it for the utility of staying connected with old friends and family.

But the data- and ad-driven money making paradigm causes a bunch of privacy concerns that blindside people.

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