Failed Coaches League

I didn’t even know the USFL was trying to make a comeback.

If the list of coaches is any indication of the success, I would bet on the under.

Season starting in April, which makes sense. No need to compete with the NFL. If there’s not a certain billionaire there to fuck things up this time, maybe they’ll make some noise.

I am curious why the author didn’t provide the cities that go with those names.

If you click on the Twitter tags you can see.
Bandits-Tampa Bay

We discussed that earlier.

I think that is par for the course for any new football league. I remember the first iteration of the USFL. You could have said the same thing. Some of the coaches hired for the first year were NFL retreads Walt Michaels, Red Miller John Ralston and George Allen. The one who had the most success in the USFL was Jim Mora, Sr, who had never been a head coach before.

Now, if they want to make it interesting, they should get one of their teams to hire Urban Meyer. :grin:

Getting old, forgot all about that.


That was said when the AFL was formed in 1960. But when the AFL owners began to compete with the NFL for draft choices and pay salaries in NFL range, drawing players away from the NFL, as well as broadcasting more games than the NFL on TV, everything changed. But, the USFL situation may is something completely different.

It is totally different. There were twelve NFL franchises at the time the AFL was formed, and the NFL was not the behemoth it is today. There was room for the AFL to compete with the NFL.

I also remember when the first iteration of the USFL was formed and the league kept comparing itself to the AFL while avoiding any comparisons at all to the WFL. I wonder why. :wink:

I understand. The USFL Detroit Wheels took after the Lions, losing 13 of the 14 games they played. Maybe it was because they actually played in Ypsilanti, in Eastern Michigan’s stadium. It’s hard to make money drawing 2-3,000 fans a game.

Apparently, the Michigan Panthers of the old USFL has remained a legal entity and I have read that they will be in the new USFL. Uncharacteristic of Detroit football teams, the Panthers actually won a title one season.

The WFL happened before I was old enough to care about football, so I only know what I have read. It pretty much follows what you said. I also recall reading that the WFL planned to put a team in Toronto but that the Canadian government was afraid of what that would do to the CFL. They started enacting a law to prohibit foreign football franchises in Canada, but the WFL got the message they weren’t wanted and put that franchise in Memphis instead.

I remember they also played in the marathon playoff game the following year before merging with the Oakland Invaders, with the merged franchise playing in Oakland,. That was another victim of the USFL’s decision to move to the fall.

This reminds me of another story where I could not understand somebody’s reasoning. The original USFL Stars franchise was in Philadelphia in 1983 and 1984. When the league decided to move to the fall the franchise relocated to College Park, MD where they played in 1985 with the intention of moving to Baltimore in 1986, before the league folded.

Around the same time, in late 1984 word leaked out that then-Philadelphia Eagles owner Leonard Tose was about to sell a minority share to another businessman, with the condition that the franchise would relocate to Phoenix. Tose had lost a ton of money gambling in Atlantic City and this was the only way he could have retained majority ownership of the team. Once word leaked out both the NFL and the City of Philadelphia acted to stop that, and a last-minute deal was reached to keep the team in Philadelphia. Later Tose sold the team to Norman Braman.

That brings me to 1985 - 1986, when I was a freshman in college in Philadelphia. This was before the USFL had lost its anti-trust lawsuit to the NFL, but things hardly looked rosy for the league. One guy who was from Philadelphia said that the City should have just let the Eagles move. He said the Stars would have come back and the City would still have had a football team. I could not believe that he was equating an NFL team to a USFL team.