Facebook takes a big step in linking Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp

Some Instagram users will now be able to message their friends on Messenger, without needing a Facebook account.

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And the dumbing down of the human race continues.

Just another reason why Facebook needs to be broken up into individual components like the Baby Bells or the anti-trust actions of the 1900s. Except it should be both for commerce and ideological reasons. If we have competition for ideas, we will have more freedom to express those ideas, not less.

There should be a conservative alternative to Facebook with the same quality and popularity.

WhatsApp is probably one of the worst dating apps out there. People are probably better served by OkCupid, POF, EHarmony but because it’s linked to Facebook, people will likely use it with little success.


How so?

Many people today, not only young people, but older people, of all political stripes, get all their news from social media.
It would be like believing everything everyone posted on here as the gospel truth.

Meme’s. Left memes or right memes. People see it…like it…and share it. No matter if it’s a total lie. And as more people see it, the less the “ie” part factors in. Why look into issues on your own…who has time for THAT…a Facebook meme that says what you believe is all you need to know. So it’s shared.

Is it really though? Shouldn’t a reasonable person ignore a meme on Facebook like Spam on an email?

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. There shouldn’t be a “conservative” OR a “liberal” Facebook. For example…how many people believe that Biden wants ‘socialized medicine’? He doesn’t. That was Bernie. But a “conservative Facebook” would be saying that Biden is a socialist (hey…it’s working)…even though he’s not.

And the “liberal” Facebook could say Trump drowns baby kittens…and people who hate Trump would believe that. And THAT is one of the reasons why Facebook is dumbing down America. If someone posts a cold hard fact that goes against what you believe …then “Snooze KCFlyer for 30 days” or “stop following KCFlyer”. OR…if you REALLY didn’t like the fact that was posted - “unfriend KCFlyer”. When you start seeing content that only supports what you already feel, then you are ripe for the propagandists (from either side) to pick you.

Isn’t socialized medicine where you have govt provided medicine rather than govt regulated medicine?

In terms of not having a liberal and conservative Facebook, I feel we have a liberal Facebook, a liberal TikTok, a liberal Twitter, and a liberal Instagram (which is owned by FB). I believe that 100% liberal social media outlets means censorship of the far-right with very little censorship of far-left individuals.

I don’t believe in unfriending people over shallow disagreements. Actually, I have a ton of respect for you because you don’t generally take cheap shots at people, you don’t act smug, or make snarky comments. You are incredibly respectful and kind when you disagree and I appreciate that.

+1 Agreed

Reasonable person. Now…ask yourself - how many on Facebook are “reasonable”? And FWIW, in 2008 and 2012, how many emails that were utter lies were forwarded? Before social media, you either believed what Cronkite or Brinkley said, or you had to go search out ON YOUR OWN to find out more. If you want to know what the biggest “news” organization is - it’s not CNN or Fox or any of the “lamestream media”…it’s Tweeter.

Messaging is just texting, instead of leaving an app and opening your texting app you’ll be able to send a message in Instagram. I don’t see the problem.

I don’t see getting news from social media any different then getting it from a newspaper, television or a news website.

It’s the biased mainstream media’s fault for losing credibility over the years and forcing their agenda on the masses. Lefties seem to be worried they are losing their stronghold on “news” and their propaganda machine. People are thinking for themselves and trust the media less.

LOL… You just described the mainstream media’s business plan. CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, the New York Times, etc have a lefty agenda and are biased, you don’t see that because they are feeding you what you want to hear.

I am not defending FAcebook or Tweeter or Tiky Tok. And they aren’t 100% liberal. Maybe more of your friends are liberal if you are seeing a bunch of liberal leaning posts, but my conservative friends do a might fine job of putting things on Facebook. Indeed…on the old board our poster Trump was in a phase where she was posting a Facebook meme just about every day. It’s not the fourm - it’s the friend.

And because Facebook will supposedly fact check and remove a lie - thst’ not censorship. FAcebook is the croweded movie theater and those that post lies are the ones yelling “fire”.

Technology is not necessarily a good thing. It tends to make us lazy. Facebook and other social media only exacerbates that. A decade ago, bullshit got spread via chain emails that were forwarded. Facebook, Tweeter and the other sites just gave people a way to say the same thing without digging thru a ton of Viagra ads in their email. It certainly didn’t make us smarter.

Back in Watergate, Woodward and Bernstein had to do a lot of legwork and research and…verification of sources…before they wrote an article. The only thing they were worried about was being “scooped” by the New York Times or Wall Street Journal - and those sources were doing the same thing…VERIFYING what they were about to right.

Today the WaPo or NYT or CNN and Fox aren’t competing against each other…they are competing against Tweeter. Moreso today since our dear leader seems to consider Tweeter his press secretary. So instead of being scooped by a comptetitor, they are now jumping in very early at the first twit that is controversial. They MIGHT fact check it later, but Tweeter has become “breaking news”.

There should be a wide variety of social media sites that can do fact-checking, not solely groupthink from Silicon Valley. Of course there are a variety of postings (aka liberal and conservative) but is FB and Twitter silencing / censoring some more than others.

As for calling something socialism, it was Nixon and Romney that had socialized medicine or govt provided healthcare. And in 2012, I was disgusted by my choices for POTUS.

If the media keeps following that charted line, their popularity will eventually meet that of Congress.

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