Facebook Outage

And in an instant, workplace productivity across the country went up.


And so did calls to mental health professionals from people suffering acute withdrawal symptoms.

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I’m not a big Facebook user, other than a few non-political groups I follow, checking Marketplace for a unicorn Weber grill I’m looking for and keeping up with a few friends I don’t see often Facebook isn’t that important to me. I’m sure there are people going through withdrawal after a few hours without checking FB.

Or maybe people were less depressed.

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Just heard on the news they are back up, down for 6 hours.

That’s 6 hours a republican or conservative wasn’t banned.

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Anecdotal I know, but one of my friends is VERY liberal and he has been sent to Facebook jail twice this year.

Republicans like to pretend they’re the only ones it ever happens to.

Facebook is full of leftists.

Quite a few righties too. Or it sure looks like there is based on what I see.

Are there more BLM stories or more Jan 6th?

Which users have been banned?

Talking about the people that work there.

Well…my good friend Brian in Orlando Fl was sent to Facebook Jail twice. And a lot of conservatives get sent there as well. It’s not “banning”, but I watched a rightey activist talking about “Facebook Jail” and share their stories to get their channel or link out there. . As for arguments and comments, they typically are dealing with things like abortion, and I some friends that are Trump supporters and Biden haters and I see pro Trump posts that they “share” (comes from another source) and there are a lot of Pro Trump posters out there.


Those over a certain age will understand.

In all (some) seriousness, we all know FB is evil, they’re stoking division, among other things. What is less clear to me is what government can and should do about it. People talk about breaking up the company and it certainly makes sense to me that they should have to spin off things like Instagram, which they own. But beyond that, what’s the solution? I’m not hearing specific proposals.

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I don’t know if there is a legal solution. There’s an old saying I remember from law school - bad facts make bad laws. I would not be surprised to see some law passed that attempts to enact some form of governmental regulation of Facebook and other social media. I suspect that the law will be found unconstitutional, unenforceable and/or ineffective. The only control that would be effective is that people who currently use Facebook just walk away, and those who don’t use it stay away. I also suspect that won’t happen.

Or, Rs and Ds just use it to snipe at each other and pretend FB is in the tank for the other side. It seems to me they’re going to do whatever they think is most profitable. If that were catering entirely to one party, they’d do that.

I liked Facebook better when you could post utter bullshit and have 50 million people share it as a fact.

There IS a solution for the conservatives. I honestly surprised that the entrepreneurial mindset of so many hasn’t thought of it…create a Conservative Facebook. A place where nothing gets fact checked, much less banned. Show the world how Facebook SHOULD be run. You can only bitch so much until people will stop listening.