Facebook drama

A couple weeks ago there was a Facebook post locally for someone looking for a babysitter for her three kids during spring break. The pay was $50 a day (11 hours) and she expected the babysitter to watch her kids, make them breakfast, lunch, snacks, entertain them with crafts and other “fun things” PLUS do house work such as dust, vacuum, clean the bathrooms and laundry. For $50 a day. Lol…the other members of the group tore her apart, it was brutal. Unfortunately the post has beed deleted.

The other members suggested $100 a day just for watching the kids, which to me sounds fair.

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For some reason, people think babysitters should get paid crap.

I am pretty sure we paid $50 a day just to let our dogs out

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We never used a paid babysitter but remember the going rate for a few hours on a Friday or Saturday night was around $8-10 an hour.

Pay the least amount to watch your kids. Doesn’t sound like your going to get the best sitter.

I have seen people looking for sitter on fb groups. Inviting complete strangers into you house to watch your kids does no sound like a good idea to me.

I must be really lucky. I have parents, aunts, siblings, and grandparents that all fight over who gets to watch my girls. My oldest is 6 and never been to daycare or sitter.

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