Experts warn of credit card debt crisis

Record holiday spending? Guess we might get that soft landing Powell has been shooting for.

I’m not concerned with the poor financial decisions of others. The American economy is basically built on borrowing.

This is true. Following the lead of our government.

I agree, a lot of people would rather have shiny new things and try to keep up with the Jones’ than invest in their own future. To quote Dave Chappelle, fuck 'em.

Except that individuals don’t have unlimited borrowing power like the government. Once people max out their credit cards their spending stops and they’re screwed so is the economy.


Bingo. Others bad decisions will negatively impact you when they start to default. The banks and businesses start to take real losses. Your 401K is invested in these banks and other companies and your values will decline. Once these idiots hot rock bottom, they will either be bailed out by feds which will lead to more money printing and eventually higher taxes on the responsible folks.

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Good point. I don’t mind when someone actions effect their own crappy life, but too often their actions do affect everyone else.

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