Maybe sitting in isolation for two days has got me going down weird rabbit holes.
Why did the FDA approve PAXLOVID early, but not hydrochloroquine or invectermin (spell check)?

There’s actual evidence Paxlovid helps. Never really was for the other two. They just got weird promotion in right wing media.

And there were safety concerns with those as well.

Then why not commission a study?

They did, several. Remember, the FDA advisory on Ivermectin didn’t say don’t use it for Covid. It said don’t use it for Covid outside of trials.

Paxlovid is another experimental snake oil potion from Pfizer, the same company that produces experimental mRNA therapy they call vaccine, which is now PROVEN to NOT WORK. The jabs are neither safe nor effective, killing a thousand out of a million promptly, and afflicting thousands more with many new conditions, even myocarditis that Pfizer KNEW it caused but LIED about it. If you wanna die go ahead and trust your life to Pfizer and Slouchy and Bill Gates. These are genocidal maniacs committing crimes against humanity. We need Nuremburg II trial proceedings, and immediate withdrawal of all covid shots!

There could not be even experimental use authorization for the shots if other treatments were known to be useful. Thus they had to demonize ivermectin and hydroxyclorophine etc so they could get approval to jab people!! Ivermectin has been FDA APPROVED for many years and is in wide use world wide, with little in the way of side effects. The shots however are known to kill. The covid is a made up scam to push the mRNA shots.

PS! Like my avatar? It is Pfizer mascot “Clotty!”