Ex-ESPN president proposes the NFL make Super Bowl a pay-per-view event to drive up revenue

I am sure the NFL has thought of this too. I could see a big uproar if the NFL were to seriously condider this, but I can also see the NFL going this route if they think they can get a lot more $$$.

I won’t pay and will have more time on my hands

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I could see charging bars and businesses to show the game, but for home use a lot of people would say FU.

Years ago we’d get boxing PPV’s and a bunch of us would bring beer and pitch in $10 or $20 to cover the fight and ordering pizza.

I would assume the NFL has already done a cost analysis and realized that the revenue they make from commercials outweighs what they could make from PPV.

I would not assume that. And, I would not put it past the NFL to put commercials in a PPV broadacast and charge for those too.

I can see this eventually happening along with an eighteenth game, neutral-site conference championship games, and anything else the NFL thinks will bring in more money.

Agree! Would this affect regular season TV and Attendance.

Would folks think if I cannot see the ending why bother with the buildup?

I think if the NFL thought PPV would make more money they would have done it already.
I think it would cost them, and I think they have looked at it.

We can agree to disagree here. At this point I am guessing that even if the NFL has looked at PPV, they would not consider it now because there would be a lot of blowback and they don’t want to deal with the flack now. Plus, for now the NFL is looking at other ways to milk more $$$.

Down the road, though, when the NFL decides it needs more $$$ and has run out of ideas, I can see them going to PPV as a way to get more revenue.

IMO, the NFL will do anything they can to make money.
I think we basically agree. The brass at the NFL headquarters have no soul, it has been mortgaged to the devil long ago.

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Exactly because why would networks pay to show the games if they can’t show the final.

I think it would kill the game and I bet Congress would stick their noses in it after the fans complain

THat was my thought…they’d have to weigh the lost advertising revenues unless they plan to run adds on PPV. And if they run ads on PPV, then maybe they can cut costs by playing it at a high school stadium since I’m not sure that a lot of people would be willing to pay for it. I wouldn’t…even if the Chiefs were playing.

I said before that the NFL has already gone down the road of doing things that are to the detriment of the overall product, all to get more $$$. The NFL has now delivered Thursday night football, a seventeenth game and an extra playoff team in each conference, though as far as I could see there was no overwhelming call for any of those.

And, for those who say that the NFL will never end up on Pay Per View, since the public would never accept it, I am old enough to remember when the idea of any major championship game on pay television would have caused an uproar. Today the NCAA football playoffs are on cable, and it didn’t cause a ripple. Things have a way of changing.

I’d disagree…the reason you haven’t heard an outcry is because we didn’t have decades of College football playoffs, so a lot of people had no idea what they were missing. You’ll notice that March Madness isn’t PPV. True, it’s moved to cable, but it’s not PPV (yet)

I did not say that the College Football Playoffs are on PPV. They are not. They are on cable. And, the same is true of many of the “big” college bowl games. Those games go way back and I can remember a time when if any of them were on anything other than free tv there would have been an outcry. Your example of the NCAA Basketball Playoffs is another case in point.