ESPN is dumb

This was debunked a long time ago.

Why is a major outlet still saying this?
And why doesn’t Twitter flag it?

Because gullible lefties are obsessed with race and facts don’t matter to them.

If you read the Twitter thread there are actual idiots that don’t accept the facts.

Wasn’t it the door Handle?

It turned out to be a garage pull or something, but given the situation, there was every reason at the time to view it as a noose. Wallace didn’t do anything wrong, though people attacked him afterward.

It’s good that a somewhat innocent explanation came out, but the original concern was entirely justified.

A couple of things to unpack.
First, there was literally no reason to believe it was aimed at Wallace.
Second, Wallace went on Don Lemon and basically said anybody that questioned the original story was an ignorant racist. And then when the original story was debunked he never apologized.
Third, why is ESPN still full of shit regarding the story?

There was no reason except wanting to further a narrative that Blacks are persecuted.

Can’t imagine a News Distorter doing a story on an old sailing ship. He would be finding nooses everywhere.

Given that his garage was the only one that had a pull like that, there was every reason to believe it was directed at him.

I don’t know what you think Wallace had to apologize for. He told zero lies as far as I can tell.

It has been there for over a year. You really think someone planned that far in advance?

It had been there for 9 months.
It was debunked almost immediately.

For his ignorant, hateful comments on Don Lemons show

Now, no. But it wasn’t a stretch. None of the other garage pulls were shaped like that.

It’s a huge stretch.

To jump to racism is ignorant and racist.

Without other evidence it was a dramatic jump to they did it because I’m black

Let’s see. One garage had a noose, none of the others. We have a black participant in a sport where there have been few of them, ever. In a country with a history of lynching, then a history of intimidating black people by leaving nooses for them to find. This doesn’t happen all the time, but it’s not rare either.

Jumping to racism would have been the shortest jump ever. It would be the first thought for any rational person. The FBI took it seriously.

People were posting within an hour of photos showing it had been there for at least 6 months.

You shouldn’t jump to racism until you have proof of it.

The biggest problem is this.
Wallace accused those people of photoshopping the pictures.
He also, after the FBI debunked the claim, doubled down on his outrage.

And when you do, when that is debunked by 12 FBI agents, you should walk back your comments.

What is he supposed to have walked back? He never leveled a specific allegation against a specific person. He drew a reasonable conclusion from the available evidence. When it turned out to not be a case of racist intimidation, he stated as such.

His ignorant comments on Don Lemon.

No, he leveled bullshit rhetoric against society.

He made statements contrary to the evidence after the FBI investigation.


On Don Lemons show.