End of the year stupid things

It took 363 days, but this has to be the dumbest thing this year.

Headline doesn’t really match the article.

Another example of a “journalism” failure.
It appears that the author of the book found one obscure reference from over 100 years ago and the “journalist” from the formerly respectable Time magazine decided to make that the headline to drive clicks.

They are only trying to keep up with the influencers on Tweeter. Everybody is chasing clicks because we have monetized clicks.

I learned something today… too never sign in using google before I can read an article. Now they have my email address, and I just got my first ad from TIME magazine. :rage: :japanese_goblin:

Lol, never too late to become a little more tech savvy

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Being unoriginal and money-obsessed is supposed to be an excuse?

How about any of these shitty media simply report facts, lose the clichéd narrative, and actually attempt to comment on the situation as if they possess an IQ in the triple digits.

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