Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg say they're ready for a cage fight

Business rivalry seemingly isn't enough for two of the tech industry's most powerful billionaires. Now Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg say they want to settle their scores in a cage fight.
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I will be Musks champion!

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They will hire surrogates. But I wouldn’t mind seeing Musk get his jaw wired shut and two broken hands. I’m kind of tired of reading about what “Elon Musk says”. I miss the old days when nobody gave a shit what Howard Hughes. said.

I have a feeling you mean that literally.

You hate Elon Musk. You like it much better when woke left wing douchebags are running social media.

Unlike 90% of American, I don’t get my “news” from social media. I wish he’d buy another company and have his net worth cut in half again.

Lefties have a lot of hatred and anger, they could just ignore people they don’t like but aren’t capable of doing that. It’s funny to watch how they’re still obsessed with Trump even though he’s been out of office for over 2 years. Sad little lives.

Speaking of Musk…

The most dangerous thing anyond could do is stay silent on the influence of social media. Most “news” is little more than an Op/Ed page.

I miss the old day. Everybody new HOward Hughes was super rich for his time, but he never sought out coverage to make sure the world knew just how rich he was. Same with Rockefeller and Carnegie - no need to establish relevancy by stroking the ego with articles about how rich they are.

You are full of shit when you try to imply that he doesn’t bother you. You act more sensitive and emotional over social media issues anybody I have ever seen.

You hate him because he is way more successful, and smarter, than you are.

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Bingo. It’s unfair the evil rich can travel first class, eat at the finest restaurants, live a comfortable life, do what they want when they want and he can’t. If people spent more time improving their own financial situation than whining about what other people have they might actually find happiness.

It’s impossible for him to ignore Musk, Trump, DeSantis and other people he hates, he must enjoy being miserable.

A lot of people are richer and smarter than me. Many of them I admire. Musk isn’t one of them. What is one thing he created? Tesla? Nope. Bought that company. Space X? Nope…Bought that one too. NeurolLink? Nah…another one he bought. Twitter? Nope…another buy. He’s also quite the child. What middle schooler did he pay to come up with “open butthole” to open the charge port on a Tesla?

What have you created?

He founded a company that he sold to Compaq for $300 million. He founded the epayment company that became paypal, getting $150-200 million on its sale. He provided the bulk of early financing for Tesla and took over when the founders left. He did found SpaceX and has admitted that it would have gone under without the original NASA contract. He was one of 7-8 founders of NeuraLink.

He bought the name Neuralink from my old neighbor, who is a neuroscientist that developed NeuraLink with a grant from the Departement of Defense. It wasn’t to interface your brain with a computer, but was to "rewire’ the brain of patients with traumatic brain injury. This video is ten years old. Elon wanted the name. Randy and another doctor at Case Western developed it to help humans and not teach monkeys how to play video games. And it took them ten years and they still haven’t gotten approval for human testing. I’m sure Elon won’t have any problems getting that approval, but based on his estimates on the release of the full self driving feature on the Tesla, or the release of the Cybertruck. Or when the Tesla semi would be showing up, I won’t hold my breath on monkeys playing grand theft auto.

Here’s the guy who actually created NeuraLink.

Maybe not “create”, but without Musk, Putin would have overtaken Ukraine months ago.

Musk also created over 100,000 jobs and created a lot of wealth for investors.

He made them all successful. Buying companies isn’t a slam dunk move. Have to know how to manage and market.

As for Twitter, he cleaned up a lot of garbage in the way of excess employees, some of whom have admitted to doing absolutely nothing on the job.

You want him to regurgitate approved left wing talking points. You hate him because he is independent and has opinions you don’t approve of.

It obviously impressed you enough that you remember it and bring it up out of the blue.

I think you are secretly in love with him, just like you are Orange Man.

That is true but only because most media suppresses the real news.

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