Editing posts

Are post edits prohibited now?

I frequently find typos or sloppily written phrases after hitting the post button & tend to want to clean them up.

Getting a bizarre error message when trying to do so now.

Testing edit

No. Not that I’m aware of. Anyone else having issues?

Can you post a screen shot

I went back & my edits are successful now. Oh well, maybe a weird glitch – maybe on my end. Seems to be fixed now.

I’ve been running upgrades today. Good have been a glitch in the matrix

It was Antifa.

Can’t be. A mere idea cannot stop me from editing my posts.

I had the same problem… tried to edit and it deleted.

Search found you must be a Level 2 Trusted to Edit.
How do you find Trusted Level?
Is that something Wintermute does.

Also found there are monthly fees attached depending on Storage Requirements,
How is that being handled?

Is the 6 day rule firm or changeable?

Trying to find my way.

Keep reading and posting. Your level will change.

Monthly fees for what? There are no fees for anyone here.