Dumbest thing sports edition

Everything is racist!!!


I remember people stating hockey is racist because there were no black players.

I will admit there are few black NHL players but I suspect that is because of the cost of the sport and the location of the sport.

The KC Blades did have a black player.

As far as I know, blacks are not excluded from hockey. It just isn’t there go-to sport.

I don’t think taunting is racist unless N-bombs are incorporated into it.

I think the more ridiculous part of the article is the assertion that the taunting rule was an olive branch to conservatives to make up for some Woke NFL policies. What?

How about this from your favorite coach:

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Blacks are quite welcome in professional hockey. It is very costly and incredibly time consuming to achieve that level of competence. It is also a sport that was born in Canada and primarily Canadian until 20-25 years ago. In many families, the father works and it is the mother that gets the son to the rinks in the middle of the night, to the next town for a game, to after or before school practices most every day, etc.