Dumbest thing, sports edition

Dropping the name “Crusaders” for “Beacons”.

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I heard the Bureau of Land Management was changing their name for the same reason.

What’s funny is the article says it was between Christian’s and Muslims.

No it was Catholics and the kkk hates catholics

The article has it right. The Crusades were largely between Christians and Muslims.

The KKK was very anti-Catholic at one time, but less so now. There plenty of other groups for them to hate.

It were mainly Catholics. Most were sponsored by the church. Catholics are Christians but it’s more accurate to say it was the church vs the Muslims.

The church dominated Christianity of the time, so it’s a distinction without much of a difference. Protestants didn’t yet exist. The Reformation came centuries later.

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It’s important since the KkK still hates the Catholics. You can’t join the kkk if you’re Catholic or baptized Catholic.