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The author gets things right, but what was implied by Tyreek Hill and his agent is absurd beyond belief.

This makes as much sense as this claim by Baker Mayfield and his camp:

To recap, if the Browns want to move off of Mayfield, they will want to get maximum value for him in return while at the same time keeping as little of his $18 million salary for the upcoming year. How would sabotaging Mayfield in the final game to make him look bad serve them at all?

To be fair, the Browns are really stupid.
But Mayfield’s “camp” is even dumber.

True, but I don’t think even they are that dumb, though at times they make me wonder.

Back to what I said earlier about Hill, he may find out that the grass is not greener in Miami, even if his payday is larger. Catching passes from Tua will be different from catching passes from Mahomes. I can’t help but to think of John Jefferson over thirty years ago when he had the greatest situation in San Diego with Air Coryell and was never the same after being traded after holding out.

He has his SB ring.
Now is the time to make Oprah money.
I think the Chiefs have a chance to do one of the things that the Patriots did.
Bring in really good players at a discount for few years to play with Mahomes (like the Pats did Brady), get a chance to pay in the SB and then move on for a big payday.

I hope the money is worth it to him. When I think if him next year I picture Dorothy telling Toto they aren’t in Kansas anymore/

Back to the John Jefferson example, he had the best situation in San Diego and gave it up. Later on he said he wanted out of Green Bay because at the rate he was catching passes there he wasn’t going to make the Hall of Fame. Apparently money wasn’t as important to him as his stats were at that point.

Unlike Hill, Jefferson was very underpaid at $100,000 a year, which was being underpaid even by the standards at that time, and most people recognized this. However, Jefferson and his agent pushed the Chargers too far when Jefferson held out and publicly embarrassed them. I doubt Jefferson ever expected to be traded or that the Chargers wouldn’t miss a beat without him.

Hill was never going to be in the poor house. He just wasn’t going to get as much money in Kansas City. Then again, Tom Brady never squeezed the Patriots for as much as he could have, and he won six Super Bowls there. Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers, on the other hand, got as much money as they could, and each one has the same number of Super Bowl rings as Hill does now.

Which is how Mahomes contract is set up, and I think he has the same attitude as Brady.
Mahomes can make twice as much on endorsements as he will on football as long as he keep his image intact.

Maybe Tua won’t make it through the season. I like the guy, but Broncos fans named his backup “Teddy Two Yards” for a reason.

True…he might be able to get 50 yards downfield in a flash, but it doesn’t do much if the ball is thrown 40

He never was in Kansas…He was in Missouri

But Dorothy was, smart ass. :wink: