Dumbest thing May edidtion (non political)

Some people have WAY more money than sense!!!

This would make me cry.

That car is totaled out and not insured…lololol! Don’t worry about this asshat, he’ll make sure he gets an auto Ford GT next time (not available).

This reminds me a little bit of the Paul Walker Carrera GT crash from 10 years ago. His daughter sued Porsche saying the car didn’t have traction control and other safety aids common in todays cars. Well duh, it’s a supercar. Unfortunately Porsche settled out of court, which only encourages this kind of stupidity.

What 50 y/o who buys a supercar doesn’t know how to drive a stick?
And then just goes out and tries to drive it?

50 year old buys $700K supercar and has no insurance and suspended license.

Nice! Sad day for the car. That is one of my favorites. Man I would love to drive that car.

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As Ron White says, you can’t fix stupid.

He would know.

I’m not a fan of RW, but why do you think he’s stupid?

Not stupid so much as reckless and drunk. Listen to his interview a few years ago with Marc Maron. Maron interviewed Foxworthy pretty recently and they touched on White a bit in that one as well.

Ah, like I said I’m not s fan. Most comedians have drug and alcohol problems along with other issues.

I am not a fan but the man is hysterical. I love he story about the donkey.

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