Dumbass fans

I haven’t watched cycling in years, but apparently there are idiot fans of every sport. Wonder if this will lead to changes.

For those who don’t watch the video, a dumbass stepped on to the course with a big sign to get himself on TV at the start of the stage. You work all your life to get into the Tour and then some dumbass comes along and ruins it.

Don’t know much about Pro cycling but the guy should have just plowed thru the cardboard sign and not be thrown off balance.

The guy got into the street, the rider clipped him.

I Agree with this, from the Comment section on YouTube.


Im a mountain biker and that is a funny joke but check the video again. The front tire gets turned 45 degrees one it hits that sign and it’s all over from there.

On my bike I would’ve run through the sign and the spectator and barely felt it, I’ve bounced off a tree into another tree and kept going. But that road bike wheel probably weighs 1lb, it’s not built to tackle obstacles.

Agreed, it is like the difference between NASCAR and an Indy Car.

This twit needs assault charges.

Another good analogy is FIA Rally championship and Formula 1.

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Slow it down and watch it. I believe he hit the woman’s arm as she was spun around when he hit the “cardboard sign”, When he hit, his handlebars got turned, causing him to lose his balance. I know mountain bikers and BMX riders are tough and cool…but they don’t ride anywhere as close OR as fast as these guys do. If your handlebar gets yanked to the right while you are riding at 30 to 35 mph, it’s not folding…it’s falling.

I don’t know what kind of compounds roadies use but this guys tires were probably sticky like fly paper. The only thing to initially hit the cardboard was the tire and it turned 45 degrees just from that.