Don't pretend you care now!

You gave it to him, let him keep it.

Nothing has changed since you gave it to him.

The award was given in 2020 and Cuomos scandal broke in summer 2021.

If I were Cuomo, I would’ve turned that silly award down. Something odd about accepting an award during a time of great suffering.

You’re not a narcissist but a good human being

Multiple scandals. The nursing home data were bad to begin with, but the scandal of hiding nursing home data broke after the sexual harassment allegations.

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But “New York did things right”.

They did some things right, after the initial surge.

Saying New York did some things right is like saying the Titanic had a good band.

Not withstanding the loss of life… that is funny!

No it’s like saying most of the ship was structurally sound after it had hit the iceberg

Or it’s good they had enough lifeboats.

It doesn’t matter what New York did, the media and lefties will say they did things right. Numbers don’t lie but lefties do.

New York has 80 more deaths per capita than Florida, yet lefties and the media are obsessed with Florida.

Florida also has an older population

Though Florida has a larger population than New York, certain areas of New York have a greater population density

BLM riots were mostly peaceful.

My personal opinion is that an award should be rescinded only if information came to light later that was not known at the time of the award and, had it been known, would have impacted the reasoning for the award being given.

As an example from one side, Reggie Bush had his Heisman Trophy taken away because of actions that he did at the time that would have disqualified him from receiving it. Those actions came to light later.

As an example from the other side. O.J. Simpson’s Heisman Trophy, Hall of Fame induction and name on the Buffalo Bills Ring of Honor should not be rescinded. Nothing that O.J. Simpson did afterwards had any impact on why he received those awards.

With said, from the article:

Cuomo had been given the International Emmy Founders Award “for effective communication and leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic,” the International Academy announced last year in selecting him for the honor.

The award was given to acknowledge Cuomo’s use of television to provide information and a sense of calm to viewers during the early outbreak of the pandemic. The award was created to recognize individuals for their ability to transcend cultural divides in connecting to a “common humanity.”

“The Governor’s 111 daily briefings worked so well because he effectively created television shows, with characters, plot lines, and stories of success and failure,” Bruce L. Paisner, International Academy president and CEO, said at the time. “People around the world tuned in to find out what was going on, and New York tough became a symbol of the determination to fight back.”

There is nothing in there about Cuomo being recognized for how he treated women, nor is there any mention of it being rescinded due to news that has since come out regarding what actually transpired in New York regarding covid. Nothing Cuomo did to women affects the reason that he was given that award. So, by that standard, he should keep it.

Now, of course, that begs the obvious question. Had the International Emmy’s known about what Cuomo was doing at the time with women, would they still have recognized him for all that he did for covid? I think we all know the answer. :wink:

The only issue I have with this is the information was readily available to see that his Covid response was historically atrocious, but it was ignored since he was trying to be the “anti-Trump”.

My point is that they gave him the reward for how he handled covid and took it away from him for how they treated women. For all that they said it appears they still think Cuomo did a bang-up job on covid. If they think that way, he should keep the award.

If they had come out and said that they were taking the award away due to information on covid that came to light later on, I would agree with them taking it away from him. The report on nursing home death numbers should have been reason enough to rescind the award.

Which proves that they don’t really give a fuck about Covid.

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