Don't Let Biden Distract You - The 16th Amendment Is a Disaster That You're Paying for Every Day

Regardless of what the actual tax rates are for millionaires and billionaires, it is long past time to repeal the 16th Amendment, which gave Congress the power to collect federal income taxes. We should abolish these income taxes for everyone.

I have never been a fan of income tax.

Income should be taxed when spent

Some call it The Law that Never Was. That is, allegation that the Amendment was not properly ratified and thus is null and void. Of course you had best not try to press that argument.

For many years USA was funded with Excises, Duties, and Imposts. And when so-called “income” began being taxed, the highest rate was 6% on what 100K? That was a huge haul in 1916. Very very few drew that kind of money. Indeed it really did not get collected until WWII when there were pleas to fund the war. Temporary withholding became permanent. And the tax brackets did not keep up with how worthless the dollar had become, or else you would need at least 500K so-called “income” to pay a dime.

Yes it should go. The Fair Tax plan several years ago was a great plan. It would make things so much simpler and put most of the gestapo out of work. Don’t count on a meaningful overhaul in your lifetime.

I agree, poor people would pay less because they spend less. The rich would pay more because they spend more.

Taxing income punishes hard work and rewards laziness, but that’s what democrats want.

Yes, you are better off testing it. The courts have ruled on these silly conspiracy theories.

Are the Republicans willing to accept a drastically reduced military if the 16th Amendment is repealed? I know we’d have to get rid of social spending…but our beloved military wouldn’t have 3/4 trillion budgeted ever year if we didn’t have the money to spend. So yeah…abolish the income tax…and accept the things you DON’T like that come along with it.,

Why do you think revenue will go down?
And besides, revenue and spending have not been tied together for decades.

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No one is saying do away with taxation.

There are many ways to generate tax revenue for the government, and an income tax as we now have is probably the worst way. The only income tax I would support is one under which everyone pays the same rate on income, regardless of type of income and regardless of types of expenses, with no credits or deductions. Otherwise, I would support eliminating the income tax and replacing it with some form of consumption tax.

I’d much prefer a consumption tax. It’s just more “fair”. It’s easier. Our current system is overly complicated.

I don’t expect you to criticize your little buddy, but facts matter.

No one says abolish the income tax, but we should freeze it. We need to implement a 1% cut in ALL 15 departments of the Federal Government each year until we are in the black. This type of cut can be easily absorbed and would hopefully take the form of reduced headcount. When we reduce headcount, we also reduce the ridiculous benefits and pension amounts that employee gets paid into perpetuity. The problem we have is the government has ZERO incentive to be fiscally responsible because they can just increase taxes to make up for wasteful spending.

Um…it’s literally the topic of this thread.

I don’t think federal pension is that crazy. I could be wrong but my friends are going to do ok.

In return they accepted much lower pay to for their jobs.