Does Winston Smith write Fauci's responses

This is a blatant lie!!!

“All the intelligence groups agree that this was not an engineered virus,”

This directly contradicts everything Fauci has said for the last 3+ years!

“The report said that the theory that Covid-19 jumped from animals to humans in a market ‘no longer deserves the benefit of the doubt, or the presumption of accuracy.’”

It’s a liberal play on words. It’s not an engineered virus. Few people make that claim. @sgtFriday use to make that claim when I said I think it’s from a lab.

I don’t think It’s engineered. I think they had a lab accident and it went wild. It’s happened several times in China that we know about.

It’s happened here.

It’s the most logical explanation for the outbreak.

Though neither explains why it was showing up in Europe a year before the outbreak. That’s a topic that has went silent

Very 1984,.