Does this beer pricing make sense to anybody?

It doesn’t to me. For some reason, this supermarket always has Cass priced like this.

That’s not crazy, is Cass like Bud? I paid $14.99 for a 12 of Sierra Nevada yesterday.

Did a quick dive, looks like Cass is a Korean beer and that sales flyer is a Korean or Asian market. Around me they’re affectionately known as K-Mart…often run very good sales.

Look at the two prices.

I get your point, took me a minute.

Yeah big whoop. Two 6 packs for $10 but $13 for a carton of 12. Carton is easier to carry for a mere 3 bucks. This s**t happens from time to time you gotta watch. But what you really need to know is this is an AB InBev product! In other words, Bud Light but a little stronger donkey piss.

Thank you, no! I’ll take my Sierra Nevada or better yet Victory Golden Monkey.

The holiday gift sets of liquor were on sale at Wal Mart today.
Got a bottle of Baileys for half price (plus a mug) and a bottle of Crown for a buddy with two rocks glasses for $10 off.

Gee never thought about that. Walmart here has no Class VI and neither does Costco or any other grocery. But often they have a class VI next door. Baileys is good but costco house brand is just as good and just as fattening. Maybe I go look and see if any deals. Not expecting anything better than that big jug of house brand Scotch at Costco.

There are different ways of making this drink But, Baileys + Kalhua + Vodka = Mudslide.

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We used to make those years ago, we added a big squeeze of Hershey syrup.

Bailey’s + Kahlua + whipped cream = Blow Job

It makes no sense unless they’re trying to get rid of six packs, but that’s probably not the case if it’s always priced like that.

Last summer at my local liquor store a customer was arguing with the clerk, he was buying two twelve packs of Modelo and wanted the case price which was a couple bucks cheaper. The clerk explained if he wanted the case price buy the case but the guy insisted on paying the case price for two 12 packs, this went on for a few minutes.

There were a lot of goofy shots when I was younger, usually too sweet, made with cheap vodka and schnapps. A lot of bars had dollar watermelon and sex on the beach shots everyday. Easy money for the bar.

There was a bar in Fort Liquordale that had 25 cent shots almost 40 years ago. I’d always give a 400% tip, cause I got money like that.

Back in my youth the Cubby Bear across from Wrigley Field had B³ on Wednesday night, penny burgers, penny hot dogs, penny pitchers of beer and a live band. If you didn’t tip you’d wait forever for your beer, we’d get there early to get a table and give the waitress 3 or 4 bucks a pitcher. A cheap night out.

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