Does Psaki know anything

…or does she just enjoy talking out of her ass?

Yet over 85% of adults in Florida have at least one dose.

Why don’t reporters call her out on her bullshit?

Most of her bull shit is repeating the medias bulshit.


DeSantis deserves criticism. He’s been obstructing things and should advocate vaccination far more.

That doesn’t shield the WH from criticism for not enough tests being available, one of the key points of the Biden plan.

Did you look at that second link I posted?

Your point? Even if it’s only 15% (and one dose isn’t enough), he should still be pushing it. He spends way more time pushing antibody treatments and opposing safety measures, including vax mandates and masks.

Mandates aren’t “safety measures”, and we know that masks are simply “face decorations” at this point.

And to think we traded Kayleigh McEnany for Jen Psaki.

We didn’t even get a draft pick in the deal.

Kayleigh lied constantly.

Psaki has never lied?

4 Legs, good, 2 legs bad

Democrats Good, Republicans Bad… Bleat Bleat!!!

Kayleigh was probably the most prepared and intelligent Press Secretary, regardless of party, in at least a generation.

Made me wish I was 50 years Younger.

She hasn’t had much time, but has been caught in at least one.

Press Secretaries have stretched the truth for decades.
To attempt to paint one as honest and the other as dishonest is an act of futility.
My statement was about her intelligence and preparedness.

Does Psaki know anything?

I’ll have to circle back on that.

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