Does higher school spending mean better results?


Bad Schools Aren't Always Underfunded.

Missouri has a website that shows the per student cost.
There is literally no correlation between cost and outcome.

Well there is some. You have to fund enough to have quality but more spending doesn’t guarantee better results

A few years ago the State of Connecticut decided to save money by not providing education funds to school districts that we doing well and only giving it to school districts that were underperforming.

Some people thought that this was fair because the wealthier suburbs had more money to spend on education. However, the irony was that the schools districts that lost state funding because they were doing well were spending a lot less per student than the urban schools that were doing poorly.

This is a perfect example of punishing school districts that were doing well and rewarding the ones that were doing poorly.

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Fair enough, there is always a line of demarcation.

That’s the democrat party main agenda, punish hard work and success, reward lazy people who make selfish decisions.

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If a district can do a great job educating kids for less than other districts it’s not a funding problem.

Illinois does too and it also shows how much local, state and federal funding each district gets. The worst school’s get the most federal and state funding, the best districts get the most funding locally. The more skin in the game district residents have the better they do.

I’ve had liberals tell me more spending always leads to better results. It isn’t true. There is a dollar amount that sets a base standard but more doesn’t always seem to drive better results at all.

If you doubly the budget. You don’t get double the results

Look at the Chicago Annenberg Project.
The Annenberg Foundation spent a shit load of money on targeted schools with literally no measurable improvement.

From the study;

“student achievement improved across Annenberg Challenge schools as it did across the Chicago Public School system as a whole, results suggest that among the schools it supported, the Challenge had little impact on school improvement and student outcomes, with no statistically significant differences between Annenberg and non-Annenberg schools in rates of achievement gain, classroom behavior, student self-efficacy, and social competence”

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Yep, there’s a good reason the president of the Chicago’s Teachers Union sends her own kid to a private school. IMO it’s embarrassing the leader of the teachers union won’t even send her own kid to the schools they represent.

They need to figure out what the best schools are doing and emulate it. The schools I’m my district do well because the parents and community care about education and take an active role in making it better. We also hold the teachers and administrators responsible for the results.

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