Does anybody understand Green Bay's decision to kick the field goal?

This sums up my thoughts:

Obviously some sideline folks whose strong suit wasn’t basic arithmetic. Worked for me. I’m still a lukewarm Bucs fan from the years I lived in the Tampa area. Playoff time is about the only time I pay any attention to NFL or football in general. Generally snack our way through the Super Bowl in hopes of amusing commercials.

Need eight go for three, makes sense…


I think a sarcasm emoticon was needed here.

Yes, I was being sarcastic, that decision was a bone head move, with the Super Bowl on the line!

Lafluer is a second year heach coach.
In today’s NFL, unless you are an established head coach (Andy Reid) you don’t coach to “win”, you coach to “not lose”. And yes I understand that there is a very small difference, but it is there.
Last week Andy Reid called a quick out pattern on 4th and 1 with a back up QB, but his job is secure, Lafluer’s isn’t, even though he made it to the NFC Championship game.

Does anybody think Rodgers just played his last game as a Packer?

If I were Frank Reich in Indy I would be chomping at the bit to get Rodgers for a couple of years and draft a young QB for him to mentor.

I think is the answer. Also, if you’ve played or followed enough sports, you can usually spot when a team is playing not to lose vs. playing to win. An onside kick has a 10-15% successful rate of being being recovered. If GB recovers, then the coach made the right call. If they don’t, they did was expected, which is not as bad as going on 4th and not making it. However, a lot of teams win by not always doing the expected.