Do you remember earlier this year when the question about the Green Bay - Kansas City game

…was whether Aaron Rodgers would be playing against Patrick Mahomes or not.

Well, it turns out the answer is no, but for a totally different reason than what everybody was thinking about earlier.

Not to sound pessimistic, but I think that the game will still be close, despite having a rookie at the helm. The Chiefs are “off” this year.

It did make me change my pick in my Pick-em league to KC.

My son is a GB fan and says the Pack is still going to crush the Chiefs.

KC, since you said earlier how much you think of Rodgers, this column is for you.

Not really sure why. It’s weird.

The speculations on sports radio are running rampant.

I used to like the guy. But his actions last year made me think… He’s pretty thin skinned…he’s had a stick up his ass ever since Alex Smith got picked ahead of him. Actually it was before that…when he wasn’t picked by a D1 team in college. He was a damn hero in Green Bay, but his actions in the off season were childish.

It’s kind of funny…maybe San Francisco saw something that Green Bay didn’t - Smith played in KC and did well…but we never made it past the first round of the playoffs with him. But he was such a good human being that when he returned to KC last week, he got a standing ovation from the crowd. When the Chiefs brought in Mahomes, he could have pouted and whined. Instead, he took Mahomes under his wing and mentored him…knowing full well that he was training his replacement. Smith went thru a fair amount of shit…getting replaced by Kaepernick after being injured. Still, he was class all the way.

So lying about a vaccine seems kind of typical for him.

That is the biggest difference between Smith and Rogers, Rothlesberger did the same thing as Rogers in Pittsburgh.

Update: Poor Aaron is the victim of the woke mob. At least he is getting sound advice from Joe Rogan.

Quick question if anybody know the answer.
Now that Rodgers has natural immunity, is he in the same protocol camp as vaccinated players?