Do clothes affect how people behave

Kind of reminds me of something I heard about barbers. If you go into a barber shop with 2 barbers…the first barber’s hair is a mess, the second barber’s hair is perfectly coiffed…You should go to the barber with the messy hair since there is a good chance that both barbers cut each others hair, and the messy haired barber has better skills.

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Good perspective. That’s true. I thought they cut their own hair but it makes sense they cut each other’s

Throughout my work career, in the “white collar” world I was required to wear a suit. Every year at Thanksgiving I would go to Dallas and my mom, who worked at Dillard’s, would go with me to get a new suit (to take advantage of her discount). In 1994 I interviewed for a job with Sprint. I wore a suit to the interview, the interviewers wore suits at the interview. I was offered a job and accepted. This was just before Thanksgiving. I went to Dallas and bought 2 new suits and had them altered. I showed up to work that first day dressed to the nines in my new suit, only to see the person who interviewed me wearing khaki’s and a polo shirt. They had forgotten to tell me that dress was “business casual”. The joke we had was that if someone showed up in a suit, they must be interviewing for a job, but we said we had a dentist appointment. I was a graduate assistant at Dale Carnegie, and on Tuesday’s I wore a suit because I went straight from work to the class. My coworkers got concerned about the amount of dental work I was having done.

I preferred “dressing up” because in my opinion, it made it easier to stay in shape. If you started to put on weight, you’d have to pay to have your suit altered or would have to buy a new suit, which could get kind of expensive, so there was an incentive to change the diet or exercise plan. When you are wearing Dockers and they got tight, just run to the store and for less than $50, get a new pair of pants.

By the 2000’s, I had about 10-12 suits hanging in my closet. I finally gave all but one to charity.

I just dropped over 30 lbs.
I took two pairs of very nice slacks in to be altered.
About $25 per to have the waist and seat taken in.

Went to Catholic school for grades kindergarten thru grade 8. Catholic school had to wear a uniform. Public school for grades 9-12.

Back then for the public school, we had dress codes. This was 1967 to 1971. Could not have long hair and the males had to wear a necktie. Senior year , the dress codes were greatly relaxed.

Good job. I have also lost a little over 30 pounds too. I really notice it on my bike. I still have about another 20 to 30 to go. Fortunately now my wardrobe is mostly bike stuff, and it ran tight anyways, so it won’t hurt to be a little bit looser.

I have a little bit more to go too.
One of the major goals I reached was this;
In August I could not do a full pull up with the assistance of two resistance bands.
Now I can do several with zero help from the bands.

That is reflective of how the overall flying experience has changed over the years. In those days flying was also very expensive as well, to add to the wonderful experience that you refer to. Compare it to today where it is much less expensive but the passengers might as well be cattle.

There was also a time (well before anyone on this board) that gentlemen wore ties and jackets to golf in.
Now polo’s and shorts are very proper attire.
I have an entire chunk of my closet dedicated to golf.

However, this weekend due to the slight chill (though still in the 50’s) I wore track pants and a long sleeve t-shirt.

It is actually cheaper to fly from Connecticut to Washington DC than to take Amtrak’s Acela train, but it so much nicer to take the train to Washington. DC that I am willing to pay more to travel that way.

It’s become the steerage of the air. We’ll only fly if it is some place we cannot drive to or timing is critical.

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We are the reason for this. We would not pay more for a better product. When it comes to air travel, price rules.

Prior to deregulation, the airlines couldn’t compete on price so they competed on service. So if one airline added an amenity others followed suit to be competitive. Now it is just the opposite. When one airline eliminates something other airlines decide that they can also get away with providing less service.

Of course the obvious advantage of deregulation is that a significant number of people who fly today could not afford to fly back in the day when flying was an enjoyable way to travel.

Most dentists and physicians don’t wear button down shirts and ties under pressed clinic jackets or lab coats these days. I still do and here is why.

In dental school, most patients came in to trade much more chair time for lower cost. Had a lady that left a dentist on the outside to come there. Her reason was different. “He dressed like a leprechaun,” she said. I realized that her ex-dentist was short and habitually wore green surgical scrubs as many do. Outside the OR, many docs do it thinking they will gain street cred as some sort of surgeon.

So I have done the opposite, and gotten favorable comments about my professional appearance through the years. I feel like the clothes force me to communicate in a more formal manner. As an example, I never address new adult patients by their first name.

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This morning, my wife commented on the photo of a female House Rep wearing leggings speaking to a group. It was the second one she had seen in two days, one Dem and one Repub if that matters. The gist of her comments was “don’t these women have any respect for themselves and the office they hold.” I reminded her that they were politicians, but her response was more colorful.

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I would like to share a cute story about how people are dressed. We lived in Manhattan until our daughter was in third grade. At that time the New York City Public Schools were awful so we sent our daughter to the United Nations International School when we lived in New York. City.

The Principal at that school was from
India and always wore a sari. One day when my daughter was in kindergarten we went out for dinner and an Indian woman at an adjacent table was wearing a sari. When our daughter saw her she said “That woman is wearing a Principal’s dress”. :grinning:


Depends on who they were. Worn properly, leggings are a sight to behold.

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