Disinformation or not?

Excellent point, what was a short time ago considered “conspiracy theory” by very prominent people, is now considered a viable theory that we will probably never know the answer to.

That’s been my theory all along.

@mcarley that doesn’t mean it was designed in a lab or that it’s a bio weapon. All it means is they were doing research and it slipped out.

Considering this has happened with sars. It’s not that much of a leap to think it could have happened again

And the left wingers that denied it could have happened are saying it is the fault of the people that originally thought the theory was possible.

The Orwell is strong amongst this one.

I know what it does and doesn’t mean. All I’ve said is that the people who trace viruses are highly skeptical. They can certainly look into it.

That isn’t true at all. Some are skeptical and some are not.

6 months ago the “experts” were saying anybody that pushed the theory that the virus escaped from a lab were tin foil hat conspiracy theorists.

I suspect most continue to think along those lines. BTW, were social media sites ever banning the idea? The OP seems to suggest they were, but if so, it wasn’t very effective.

To be fair the OP link does somewhat convolute the two issues.
I don’t think FB or Twitter ever did, but it is an example of how the prohibition of dissenting ideas is counterproductive to an open discussion.

The idea of social media sites banning disinformation first came about with Holocaust denial. I think that is about as despicable as it can get, but I did worry about slippery slopes. IDK where the line should be drawn. Anti-vaxxers are literally killing people.

Yeah, they find a handful of kooks denying a well documented historical event, so that means they’re now Information God and ought to censor opinions in real time on new, developing, and emerging topics. :roll_eyes:

I don’t like censoring people. It’s better to let them show their colors.

By censoring so eagerly, the SM execs are actually showing theirs.

Those fucking assholes banned a small group of scientists who were predicting an ultimately low covid death rate, but they were predicting it early on.

Reason given for the ban was spreading misinformation, because tha expurtz were predicting 5+%.

Guess who turned out to be much more accurate…

Even fauci thinks we should look into it.

Now I don’t think it was an intentional release. Some people think it was but why release from Wuhan if it was intentional? Just release it in America or Europe.