Diet and Lifestyle high cholesterol

I have a total cholesterol of 207, triglycerides 148, hdl 37, ldl 140 and vldl 30.

What is the best way to raise HDL, lower LDL, and lower triglycerides which has ranged from 140 to 220.

That isn’t that bad overall.

You raise healthy cholesterol by eating healthy fats. Avocado is an example.

Triglycerides is a tad more complicated. Workout more and reduce your sugar and overly processed carbs.

Was going to say at 148. You’re within range.

Yeah, the year before I was almost 100 pts higher. Triglycerides seems to be the most volatile #. Thanks for the tips. I bet this year it will be higher triglycerides if I exercised less.

I have a penchant for ice cream and sweets. I also like my pasta, especially baked ziti and lasanga. I guess I could have more eggplant less carbs. Again, thanks for the helpful push.

That is all turns into triglycerides. The idea is to eat what you need for energy. Cut back on the processed carbs.

I have a genetic disorder for triglycerides. If I didn’t eat and work out I’d be 4000 or so. I sit around 350.

Diet makes a difference

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I take Red Yeast Rice and it seems to keep mine good.

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