Dick Butkus, RIP

He is no doubt enjoying a Miller Lite with Bubba Smith at their favorite bar in the sky now.

What a player he was. I remember watching a Lions-Bears game in Soldier Field, which then had a low (2-3 foot) brick wall at the base of the stands). Altie Taylor ran around the end and Butkus ran him out of bounds. Taylor slowed but must of heard Butkus still coming at him, so Taylor sped up. He kept going, leapt the short wall and ran up the aisle of the stands. Butkus finally stopped at the wall.

It was Wrigley Field, per the Bears’ web site.
“The history of the middle linebacker started in Chicago and includes a chase that ended up over the brick wall, and into the expensive seats at Wrigley Field. That’s where Dick Butkus chased Lions running back Altie Taylor, who had angered Butkus by stepping out of bounds before Butkus could get a good hit on him. When Taylor returned to the Detroit huddle, he told teammate Charlie Sanders, “That man’s crazy.””

Go to youtube and look at some of Butkus’ tackles.

I was just about to post this.

80 is old for a football player, Butkus was a great player and great dude.

Bukus was one of the toughest, there are some great stories. Like a lot of great players he was stuck on a crappy team. Maybe his passing motivated the Bears last night.

Most of those tackles are probably illegal now!

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I love him handing the ball to the defender after he caught it.

More great Miller Lite commercials featuring Dick Butkus.

When I hear those Miller ads I am immediately taken back to Sunday’s at my parents house. I miss those days and I miss my mom and dad.