Diamond’s Cause of Death Revealed as Death Certificated Details Are Released

According to a death certificate obtained by The Associated Press, Hardaway died of “heart disease due to chronic high blood pressure.”

Here we go again. Dead of heart “disease” as result of chronic high BP? And last thing she said was “I can’t breathe!”

While I have zero medical training, I ask since when is heart “disease” a COD? Sure high BP is really bad but if heart stopped that would be heart failure or heart attack, not “disease”. “I can’t breathe” is same last words late wife uttered. Cause: Pulmonary embolysm. Real simple, and very understandable as underlying issue was un-treated diabetes. Attending doctor was right, it was a clot.

Sounds like possibly we have more medical incompetence and/or corruption. If Miss Diamond took the jab, we pretty much know. But as with wife’s 36 YO niece in Okie, they could NOT find any cause; no doubt a thorough autopsy would have shown ravages of covid shot.

You should have stopped with just the first sentence. Heart disease is literally the #1 cause of death in the country.

Sorry for your family’s loss.

Makes one wonder.