Deshaun Watson

I’m a bit confused about the Deshaun Watson situation. Maybe someone can clear it up for me.

The consensus seems to be that he’ll get legal clarity at some point, then the Texans will trade him for a boatload of picks.

I get that 1) his reputation was squeaky clean before these allegations, 2) they aren’t yet proven, and 3) that he’s still a young franchise QB with lots to offer.

But…aren’t these accusations pretty serious? 22 civil complaints, 10 criminal. No criminal charges yet, but doesn’t something pretty bad seem likely? Plus, one might think this indicates some kind of repressed sexual disorder which might well reoccur. Good as he is, why would a team take this chance, and give up so much? Why do people think this is going to go away easily?

The guy can play quarterback.

Bit by bit.


Agreed, way too much smoke for there to be no fire.

If criminal charges come and a suspension by the NFL results from that, Watson (and his team) may be able to successfully argue that him sitting out this year qualifies as a suspension. So his new team would not actually be out any games.

No clue, this one is crazy.

Except, he’s been paid for every game, so no actual punishment has been meted out. He was held out of games to preserve his trade value.

Antonio Brown can play WR.

Which is why Tampa Bay signed him last year. They did not sign him for his great ethic and moral character.

Good point.
This situation is weird.