Derek Carr

Once more, Josh McDaniels chases away a quality QB through his arrogance. It’s not like they’re plentiful.

I do wonder if he thinks he has inside info on his chances of getting Brady next year,

An interesting take:

I think he might, but I also think Brady is finally playing at his age.

That’s really building for the future there. But who knows…Brady seems to have a bit of an ego. But if he keeps it up, he may go from GOAT to “journeyman quarterback”

Brady runs the risk of becoming what Shaquille O’Neal was at the end of his career: a fading star chasing one last championship. And, if he continues to play he will eventually decline, just like all athletes before him who hung on too long.

Brady makes sense only if you have a roster built to win now and only missing a quarterback. Even then, it is a leap of faith to assume that Brady will still be at a high enough level.