Derek Carr benched

Please, please, please!!!

Someone from the Titans front office (I don’t care if it is an intern) call Marc Davis and offer an even trade.
Tannehill for Carr.

Do you think the Raiders are that dumb?

They’re pretty dumb, so maybe. And you can’t really underestimate the dumb of McDaiels. He traded Jay Cutler for Kyle Orion.

History is on my side.

That was after Cutler threw a hissy fit and said he wanted out. And, I think that history validated that Cutler was not a franchise quarterback that would lead a team to the promised land.

Here is what the Broncos got for Cutler. It was not chump change either.

Cutler did throw a hissy fit, but because McDaniels picked an unnecessary fight with him. Neither came off well. Then, McDaniels hired the Patriots video guy who had helped them cheat (where he lost me) and drafted Tebow.

His successor was actually able to win a playoff game with Teabow.

On a lucky as hell play, despite Tebow.