Darwin award attempts: Yellowstone edition

Three idiots. Where do we get them?

My experience with Bison was at a state park in my little town. They were basically cows. I walked through the herd to go fishing at the pond.

Wild Bison is a different story. When I was at Yellowstone they got close to use as they blocked the road like a bunch on BLM protesters. We just waited then out and they finally moved along. After that experience, next time I go to Yellowstone, I will probably pony up the extra money for car insurance. The probability of getting your car damaged by wildlife is pretty high.

We once rented a cabin in the Black Hills. We came out one morning to go see the sights and there was a bison that decided to sit down behind our car. We decided it was prudent just to wait. After about 40-45 minutes, it got up and walked away. We’ve visited the Black Hills area 4-5 times, and the wildlife there is spectacular.

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