Cure for Moneyball?

Moneyball is probably my favorite Sports Movie.

With the near opening of Spring Training, what has been done to alleviate the Moneyball problem and enhance competition.

Is it enough?

What more should be done?

Baseball is dying. They have been dying since the 95 strike. They should have put in revenue sharing and salary cap like the NFL.

What chance does a KC or Cleveland have to win?

Like I said before, good luck in getting the big market owners and the players’ union to go along with that.

Baseball has never been known for farsighted thinking.

I know but had the commissioner then did it the big owners would have had to go along with it because who are the Yankees going to play if they decided they wouldn’t go along with it

Like I said before, look up what the owners tried to do in 1995 and how Sonia Sotomayor ruled on that, then tell us how successful the Commissioner would have been with your plan.

Yep she was a winner back then. The commissioner still could have done a salary cap and revenue sharing under the guise of making it fair for the smaller teams

More fans usually means more money, and more money usually soothes a lot of ills.

Read about the new pitching clock rules, which will likely speed up the games. I think shorter games could bring more fans in, or back. The NFL should be next for something like that.

And it would have been tossed out.

By the way, the Commissioner works for the owners, and they can kick him to the side if they don’t like what he is doing. Just ask Fay Vincent.

Doesn’t matter now as the sport is dying. I haven’t been a fan since the strike.

Their fan base is dying off. Youngsters have no interest. Stadiums are being made smaller as a result.

Baseball moves way too slow to attract kids to watch. It seems both pro and college football are going in that direction with all the “reviews” they are now doing.

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