Credit - how to get denied a card

While back I posted about woes trying to get credit card that provides a nice incentive to spend money after you open it. For example, $200 to you after you spend 500 or a kilobuck etc. The quest netted some “screw you” letters and some dinky cards, along with the necessary inquires.

Today I think I understand the excuse… It is not:

  • Score (over 800)
  • On time payments (always)
  • Length of credit history (decades)
  • Amount owed vs credit limit (2%)

Instead, the excuse is “Too may recent bank cards opened!” That would be the stupid Capital One cards each well under $1000 credit limit. So what is too much?

In this case, 3 opened in 2021 and one in 2022.

Does anyone have a sense of how long to let it steep? I am thinking a full year…

With capital one it could be two years and two installment loans :stuck_out_tongue:

Even with 800 credit score i kept getting denied till I consolidated my debt into a personal loan and got a mortgage. The most I got was $500 10 years ago then after the mortgage got an $8k card

Hmmmph. I have seen this “lack of mortgage info” in the past. Then when I moved a few years ago it seemed reasonable to take one out, yet on credit bureau reports it showed up as a personal loan. Unknown why.

Then I got an Alaska bride and she subscribes to Ramsey line of thought and wanted no debt so that was done and I cannot see taking out another mortgage. Guess I will just ignore any and all credit offers for a solid year.

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