COVID & School

My kid is going back to school this week. Here’s the school guidance for return.

Understandably, many of our educators have been reluctant to return to school, with COVID cases and hospitalizations reaching an all-time high and emergency rooms on the brink of collapse.

I didn’t know your son’s school district was run by dramatic 13-year-old girls. What an interesting dynamic that must be.

You realize that’s satire, right?

And lots of people are out, teachers, bus drivers, etc. Not scared, sick.

This is great satire. Our school district has been handing out test kits even for people who have not been exposed and have been testing kids at school

My wife works for the school district but we refuse to test thru the school. We wish to have their pediatrician test them or go to a test site

Chicago teachers decided they aren’t going to follow the science and walked off the job. The suburban schools have Covid protocols backed by CDC recommendations in effect that give the students the best education possible.

It’s a nice mockery of leftists. Without even realizing it.


If we had a real POTUS, he’d sign an executive order that would fire all teachers

Ideally the contracts would be renegotiated

I don’t think all teachers should be fired, but schools need to get rid of ineffective teachers. Unfortunately the unions won’t let that happen. IMO great teachers should make more money and bad teachers should find a new profession.

Bad teachers can be fired, the Administrator just needs to be diligent on documentation.

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For conduct but it’s very difficult to get rid of a teacher because they suck at teaching.

I agree. I’m thinking with the unions, it’s easier to layoff everyone than it is to fire a particular teacher. But yes effective teaches should make more, a lot more. Every state should be a right to work state

Good to know

No, it’s a real dictator who fires people he has no authority to fire.

Like telling companies to fire employees that aren’t vaccinated?

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I want the good ones to be rehired. I just want to allow school districts to be out of the obligation to keep incompetent teachers who have tenure

I’m getting it out here since my wife would be dismayed as she’s a teacher. It’s a sorority of passing the lemons from one failed class to another

Not for an administrator that keeps good documentation.


We had a college president start years ago and she was getting complaints about certain faculty almost from the start. She looked and there was no documentation. Within a couple of years, she had nudged out a handful of people. She didn’t get much pushback because she documented things and followed the process.

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My wife has been doing it for years.

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