Covid positive

Well after almost three years I tested positive for Covid.

My symptoms are very mild. Chest congestion is about the only thing I have

Oddly no idea how I caught it since I’ve mainly been at home for the past month. Only have left for a few outside activities.

I spend a lot of time with my gf and child. Neither of them are positive. I find that interesting. If it’s as contagious as they claim, my gf should have it as well.

I am vaccinated plus two boosters. The most recent booster was 2-3 weeks ago. My gf only has the vaccine.

I was traveling and I woke up with congestion. That isn’t unusual since hotel water cooled ac often do that to me. It did feel a little different.

Since I was going out with customers. I wanted to make sure. So I took two test and both were negative. I had my gf and kid take the test and negative.

Flew home today and took another test. Positive. I’ll test again tomorrow morning.

Since my symptoms are so mild. I’m skipping plaxlovid.

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You beat me to the covid update thread.

I tested positive on Sunday August 7 and just tested negative today. I too was vaccinated with two boosters. Monday I was out of it but was much better after that. By Saturday I was ready to be done with isolation. My wife and two kids both tested negative. I was with a group that weekend and at least two others tested positive too. My throat was really sore when I got home, so I did the test. I too did without any medication, except for ibuprofen once.

Here’s to you doing at least as well as I did.

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Like me, looks like you got it at about the perfect time, maximum antibodies.

Are you taking Paxlovid?

Skipping it since my symptoms are so mild. If I hadn’t been overly paranoid, I wouldn’t have even known I caught Covid

No sore throat to speak off. That’s what’s weird.

Just tightness in the chest. I coughed up some really thick phlegm. It was about the size of a golf ball but that’s been about it.

My throat was a little sore after that but it’s fine now.

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It has to be taken in the first five days. Only issue is the nasty taste it leaves in your mouth.

I’m within that range. With my recent kidney surgery. I didn’t think it was worth the risk if this is as bad as it gets.

I wonder if that’s why the number of COVID cases might have been unreported. If you factor in the asymptotic cases, the death rate is a lot lower than the case fatality rate. I think we did a poor job of recognizing / estimating asymptomatic cases

I called one of my buddies. He gave me lagerivo. Similar but different. I wasn’t going to do anything but the insomnia is killing me.

No fever. No issues with smell or taste. My joints hurt a bit by I’m also going off some steroids. So that’s normal.

I could see where the average person would catch this and spread it. None of my symptoms are that bad. Just feels like a minor chest cold which I get in hotels

I had pretty mild symptoms. Worst thing at first was “Paxlovid mouth.” But, about a week after finishing Paxlovid, I had a mild fever, chills, badly aches, and fatigue for a few days. Then, a week or two later, I had the dizziness/vertigo that lasted for at least a week. I think that may not be completely gone. Doc gave me an antihistamine that I used for a few days.

Seems like a lot of people have rebound with pax.

The congestion has went down but the insomnia is up.

With me I had stamina issues and would nap a lot during the day, then be wide awake late at night. I used the time to catch up on work. If yours is anything like mine was, you will get through it just like getting through the flu.

And that may be it as well. I don’t nap unless I’m horribly Ill.

I got home from the airport around 3pm. Took the Covid test and it was positive.

Slept from 3 something to about 8. Went to bed at 10 woke up at 2.

I am tired. That is the worst of all the symptoms.

One of the guys in my group tested positive. This was after a 30 mile bike ride. He said that had he not taken the test, he would have continued to do things since he didn’t feel bad at all.

It feels like a mild chest cold. The only odd things are some insomnia which wmj may be right, it’s from my napping. I don’t nap. I had a bout of mild cold sweats. Cough with thick phlegm. The phlegm and cough lasted about a day.I still have a cough but very minor

When I travel the hotel room is normally too hot. So I turn it down. At night it gets to cold and irritates my lungs. That is what it feels like. .