COVID-19 is a vascular disease not a respiratory one, says study

COVID-19 is a vascular disease not a respiratory one, says study | Euronews

I have been saying this for a while because that is where science was leading.

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I think the findings seem to indicate it’s a respiratory virus that triggers vascular damage. Medically speaking that might be a big deal, to probably matters little to the 600k dead and the folks in the waiting room to death on the ventilators. I guess it might make a difference in the treatment, though. If the research holds true it would seem to be that long-term damage from the respirator virus could be much more extensive than more simple viral infections.

It doesn’t change treatment much as this point. What it does do is help us understand what is going on better which will lead to better treatments. It also helps with the risk profile.

Most everyone thought warm weather would stop the virus dead. It didn’t because it wasn’t a respiratory virus. Now we know it will decline in warm weather and surge in the winter.

It also helps explain a lot of the really strange issues we are seeing.

Does it change anything this minute? No, we have thought his for over a year but it is leading to different ideas on how to deal with it.

One thing that is interesting is they think there are two types of covid infections. One in the upper respiratory system and one in the GI system. Basically where does it attack.

The GI one is the least deadly and often people won’t know it’s covid.

That, or they just don’t give a shit… :nauseated_face:

Oh they give a shit. Why they don’t think it’s Covid. No issues with breathing but rampant diarrhea

My 103 yo grandma survived that COVID

That was meant as a joke… I know I’m in danger of having the levity ban come into play, but I guess I can live with it, I guess I really shouldn’t give a shit.

I took it as such.

We should all give a shit. Anyone who thinks the pandemic is over is sadly mistaken. It’s actually heating up.

I know more people this year who’ve caught Covid then last year and we are not even through the year.

I’ve known several who died. Last year you could debate if it was Covid. This year, it’s fair to say Covid killed them.

I suspect winter will be a massacre.

I really think I gave a lot more of a shit about its dangers early on in the onslaught while you were somewhat dowplaying its dangers and lifespen. You predicted that herd immunity and other natural phenomena would quell the spread if we just kinda carried on without undo precautions. The aged and infirm, loafing around god’s waiting room for the clouds might take a hit but that would be a bit of unavoidable collateral damage.

I never suggested to avoid any precautions. I was against overly insane precautions that weren’t backed in science.

Now we may hit natural herd immunity but since we have vaccine, we should use that instead.

Lockdowns and other extreme measures are not real solutions.