Coppertone and Testosterone…

SPF “69”?

I don’t want skin cancer but I REALLY don’t want it on my ballsack.

This is an odd thing with conservative commentators, guess they think their audience has Low T? I see Mike Huckabee hawking this stuff, Rush did, Alex Jones sells sketchy stuff featuring his flabby shirtless body, now Tucker. Maybe that’s why the like Putin so much, because he’s a shirtless man’s man.

With the paucity of replies, I’ll have to assume the many of the RW participants are booking reservations for the tanning booths. :innocent:

I like my tan line.

I like your tan line too…how YOU doin!

Aaaah! A perfect ass! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

My wife says I have one all the time…
Or is it I am one??

I’ll leave the question part up to your wife. :innocent: But nobody’s perfect I guess.

Years ago, the gal next door to me would call me an asshole…jokingly. I had to have hemorrhoid surgery and my wife and daughter went to Worlds of Fun while I recovered in bed. But I had some sort of reaction and got very bad chills. I called my doctor and he told me to go to the ER. Nobody was there who could take me, so I called Lynne (who used to be a nurse) on the way she asked what was wrong. I didn’t really want to tell her, but I finally did. She started laughing and said “Now you are the perfect asshole”. We went it and I was doing the admission thing and she told the gal “he is the perfect asshole”. The clerk asked if she was my wife. She said, oh hell no…just his neighbor.

Lol…I just watched Eastbound and Down over the last couple months and recognized that pic.

Kenny Powers is probably one of my all time favorite characters.

It’s pretty funny and there are some great lines. I never heard of it until my work wife forced me to watch it, we have the same sense of humor and like the same movies/TV shows.

Funny story, ive been called the Worlds Perfect Asshole a couple of times and also by women.

Testosterone has been dropping for years. It really is a serious issue.

Tucker wants us to tan our nuts, Bill O’Reilly is yelling at airline employees, Ted Cruz is worried that cartoon mice and their pet dogs are going to be fucking.

I think some people need something better to occupy their time.

I don’t know, I feel fine. But men shouldn’t be taking medical advice from a shirtless Alex Jones and a scrotum tanning Tucker.

Modern men do too much sitting, indoors hiding from sunlight, sedentariness from screen stimulation, alcohol, and refined carbohydrates.

The government & huge corporations are reinforcing & encouraging pretty much all this stuff.

Do the opposite. Pound weights & run around, get sun, eat animals, and keep alcohol light & infrequent.

If you don’t want to be a girly man, that is.

I pretty much gave up alcohol last September…I don’t have any at the house and I might have one beer once or twice a week. I also have been riding my bike a lot, even in colder weather. I feel like that has really boosted my testosterone. I feel a lot stronger and I have a lot more energy. I haven’t thought about Tucker tanning my nuts though

You don’t need Tucker to do it (because that would be weird). You can tan your nuts in the privacy of your own home. You know you’re not a real man until you do.

It’s almost a given that brobbs has bought stuff of Alex Jones and that he’s at least thinking hard about buying a nut tanner…amiright?