Convincing bank text scam could cost you thousands

Why would anybody want to stop free speech?

So the bank called and said I need to make a deposit to myself.


Why does the bank need ME to do something to prevent fraud?
If they know it is fraudulent… seems they can stop it without my participation.

Call me old Fashioned… I use my Bank Bill Pay and credit Cards.

I avoid these 3rd party Apps like Zelle and PayPal and others I cannot list.

I admit they can be convincing, I was ALMOST scammed.
I handled the Grandparent scam and the Pastor needs Gift Cards but…

Got a call with the opening Line “don’t you recognize my voice” I thought I did… and acted like I knew him… a guy I knew from work.

After a typical story, he needed money. gave me details… he only got one call. I was it. They almost had me until.

I paused a minute…

  • He only got one call.
  • We had not talked in quite a while
  • He has 2 kids who he had said were successful.
    Why would he use his ONE CALL on Me?

My Mental Calculator FINALLY kicked in.
when I said, I was not comfortable with this situation, he hung up.

Be Careful??


I get about 6-10 of these a day. Unusual activity on your Amazon account, click here and change your password.

Somehow, someone charged my credit card with 350.00 worth of gift cards from Walmart. I contacted the bank and they fixed it.

I never click on anything in a text or email. I don’t know how it happened.

I admit that some can look legit - but if I’m in doubt, I call the company that purportedly sent the email or text. In emails you can spot them by hovering over the link and checking the address, or if you can’t see it, right clicking and selecting “copy link address” and pasting it somewhere to see it.

Now…despite all that, I DID get an email that demonstrated worst practices. When my daughter was applying for FASFA, we used my email address and I got an email from the US Department of Education…and it had a link to apply for student loan forgiveness. It was a legit link but a HORRIBLE way to communicate it (putting a link in it). That will make it super easy for the bad guys to duplicate.