Congratulations, JimToo

Michigan won. It is the reverse feeling from 2002, when Ohio State finally beat Michigan in a big game. This time Michigan can look ahead to the Big Ten Championship Game and then, if all goes well there, the NCAA playoffs.

Thanks. I did watch the 4th quarter. I would have predicted a 8-10 point loss going in in, so it was a pleasant surprise. Harbaugh wasn’t outcoached at half time as has happened too often, and the team played a disciplined game with no blatantly stupid penalties. I think Harbaugh would have been out the door after the season had he not won this game after losing to Mich St.

I hope this is the start of a good even-balanced rivalry between these two teams. I can recall when Earle Bruce coached Ohio State and Bo Schembechler coached Michigan and the rivalry was pretty balanced. And, although it was before my time of paying attention to college football, I read that the rivalry between Woody Hayes and Bo Schembechler was the same. Contrast that to the John Cooper years where Michigan dominated followed by the post-Cooper years where Ohio State dominated.

A good balanced rivalry between these two teams is good for the Big Ten and college football.

Bo has been an assistant under Hayes for 5 years before becoming coach at Miami (Ohio), so that’s why the rivalry was so intense. Bo’s first year at Mich was 1969, and Mich beat a then undefeated OSU team 24-12. That set the stage for the next decade or more, when many games were decided by by a field goal or less, and often in the snow.

Im not a Michigan fan but I was pulling for him. I think a lot of America was also…