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My computer speakers gave up this a.m., instead just starting to loudly roar out of the subwoofer (which also controlled the other two speakers). They are now officially dead. I’m not complaining, I got 12-13 years from them. I am curious if anyone has any recommendations about replacements. I am thinking about the Bose (2 speakers) or maybe Klipsch (with a subwoofer +2). I listen to a fair amount of music on this computer, so I want something that provides decent sound.

I bought this from Costco a couple of years ago. Have it connected to my Laptop. Excellent sound. There is a 30 dollar reduction in price. Can buy it for $130.00 now."-2.1ch-soundbar-with-wireless-subwoofer.product.100670715.html

Thanks. I’d like to stick with separate speakers for the computer, but also considering adding a sound bar to one TV and I will look at that Visio.

We once had a Visio TV, but it experienced the infamous Visio Pop of Death, and created an electric arc from the TV to the metal TV stand along with the aroma of burned electric parts. Quite exciting for my wife, who was watching it at the time.

I use this speaker when using a tablet or a phone and want to listen to sound. It is small but a real powerhouse.

I have a Bose Wave radio/CD, which is why I was considering Bose. The sound is exceptional, but the CD player died much too young.

I have a lot of Bose stuff. Headphones, the mini speaker and the radio without the CD player. If you have the red and white audio inputs in the back of the radio, you should be able to connect a small portable CD player to it.

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People still use desktops?

Dont know if this helps but google home has changed my life. I can tell google to run a playlist, how the weather is today, who the 19th president was, etc. Sound quality is good enough for me, but im no audiophile.

Absolutely. I find it is the best way to do the research I need and then write about it. I have a laptop, but use it mostly when we travel and can’t imagine using it everyday. We have no cell service at our house, so we use pay as you go phones and see no need to use anything that quadruples our cell phone cost for phones that are wifi compatible.

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