Commanders coach Ron Rivera fines Jack Del Rio $100,000 for calling Capitol assault a 'dust up'

I am surprised this one went under the radar here after the news first broke.

I would call it a riot or Dust up well. The democrats are trying to turn into something it wasn’t.

And it’s working. My CNN-watching relatives haughtily refer to it as an insurrection every chance they get.

YOu know how you had said the Tampa Bay Devil rays should shut up about political issues? Maybe the same holds true for football teams as well. Kinda funny, someone can say “fuck Joe Biden” and it becomes a hilarious catch phrase to the right…but if a team says something that goes against Republican policies, then the Democrats are trying to turn it into something it wasn’t. Note to the right - “Let’s Go Brandon is SO 2021”

Yeah, a catch phrase slogan of mockery is totally the same thing as a disinformational brainwashing campaign intended to gaslight the public.

Spot on as usual KC. You’re really nailing it today.

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It’s not against Republican polices. Lol. It’s about facts. It was a riot and a small one at that

That’s my issue. It was riot not doubt about it. It was not an attempt to overtake the government. If it was, those people are real morons since they had no plan, no weapons, and left for dinner.

When an actually small group of Puerto Rican independence activists broke into the Capitol and interfered with the workings of Congress in 1954, they got sentences of decades, some up to 85 years. Maybe we should use that as a guide.

It all depends on what they did. Susan Rosenberg got a pardon.

Thomas Jefferson would say not to punish them harshly.

I think it all depends on what they did. Most of them didn’t do anything serious and their max defense will be small by law.

Most of the charges are petty at best

Also the PR group shot people. The rioters didn’t even have guns. Apples and oranges

Some, though it has never been determined who, had pipe bombs. Some had zip ties. They had a gallows set up to hang Pence.

I agree, some committed fairly minor crimes. The DOJ is treating each differently.

I’m more concerned about the attempt to overturn the election, which involved far more than the single day, than any of the individuals.

None had pipe bombs on the capital grounds. That person should be punished if caught.

The zip ties were never used. As such it’s speculation as to what they were for.

The gallows is a free speech issue. They didn’t hang or attempt to hang anyone. There was no intent to hang anyone. It was a political commentary

They were chanting “hang Mike Pence” for fun and put up a gallows as a metaphor? Were they also shitting rainbows?

Was Mike Pence hung? I must have missed where he was hung.

That is protected free speech.

lol and here is a picture of the gallows. Anyone who thinks you could hang someone from that has never seen a person hang. It isn’t even built right to hang a person. There is no drop door, it’s on the ground and the whole thing is maybe 6 feet tall.

Do you really see this as a threat again the vice president? Is he really a midget and nobody knew? Do you know how hanging works?


Those darn Secret Service agents, doing their jobs.

There was never an intent or the ability to hang mike pence. There was no credible threat to mike pence.

I get you hate free speech but most of us support it here.

Yeah, this guy was just there for some “legitimate political discourse.”

LOL… compare that to the BLM riots. Where they actually murdered people and did drag people down the street. Your bias is showing and showing strongly.

I am sure you thought this was OK

BLM leader threatens to ‘burn the White House down’ and put police ‘in f***ing graves’ | The Sun

BLM protester caught on camera threatening to put police in the ‘f—ing grave’ | Washington Examiner

NYC Black Lives Matter Threatens Bloodshed, Riots in City if Anti-Crime Units Reinstated (

Quite true.

I have no issue with any of those people who engaged in violence being prosecuted and many of them were.