Comedy show

Took my daughter to see Gabriel Iglesias (Fluffy) last night.
Three things;

  1. Funny as hell!! Haven’t seen live comedy in a while, and he is one of our favorite comedians, it was a great time.
  2. In what would best be described as his “encore”, about an hour or so of him past his allotted time, he drank at least a half bottle of tequila (none during the actual show) and we left at midnight and he was still on stage.
  3. You could never figure out his political affiliation no matter how hard you tried.

I like John Caparulo. He avoids a lot of politics.

Though he made a comment about Trump that pissed someone off and he response was funny.

Fluffy did a joke about Trump last night but it was funny (the joke by Cap was funny too), don’t remember it exactly, but it wasn’t overly political.

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